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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stave off Globalism: Reinvigorate Constitutional Principles

Michael Shaw, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

America was founded on certain principles: those of individual liberty and responsibility, a small federal government, and sovereign states that would protect their citizens’ unalienable rights. Over time many Americans got so involved in living their seemingly free lives they neglected oversight of what was happening to their country. Those who loved American ideals lived them and those who did not were busy working both from within and without the government to eradicate these principles from the American consciousness.

This dumbing down of America was planned and it took place over many decades as Charlotte Iserbyt explains in her Deliberate Dumbing Down of America expose. Controlled media and public education infused the populace with attitudes, values and beliefs that enabled the power thrust of globalists to grow. Thus the greatest political experiment in the history of the world has morphed into what we now call “globalism”.

Globalism is championed by the leaders of both political parties; the left uses environmentalism in pursuit of the globalist Wildlands Project and a substituted system of law called “social justice”. The right uses “public private partnerships” to reshape our economic system while advancing Smart Growth municipal planning. Between the globalist policies of the left and the right America teeters on the brink of destruction. Globalism is moving the entire world toward a system that regards human beings as livestock. This has been the unspoken center piece of American politics for many decades. Globalism has eaten away at the core principles that this country was founded on, especially the principles of the Declaration of Independence.
Today more and more ordinary people are starting to feel the effects. More people are losing their private property to the government and its’ partners. Logging and mining have been virtually stopped in the U.S., ostensibly because of environmental degradation. Family farming and ranching are on their way out, again because of environmental laws and the attacks on private interests. Even water rights are being denied and or stolen. City dwellers are experiencing increasing surveillance and controls.

The globalist-created fiat U.S. currency is ready to implode.

We know how we got into this situation; we forgot to stay alert and hew to the values of our predecessors. Now we must ask how these trends can be reversed. How can we rid the Unites States of globalism? This is what every American now faces because, finally, many people have awakened and are now ready to seek answers. After all, a movement of decent, concerned people might begin to recapture the promise of the American experiment.

What would such a movement focus upon? Here are some basics:

(1) The direct Constitutional limitations on the federal ownership of land would be followed. Article 1 Section 8 severely limits the federal government’s power over land. Federal lands including national parks, and federal forest land should be deeded to states. Some states would establish homestead distributions; others would carry on park activities. Any federal securitization of land or resources for international debt obligations would be negated.

(2) The US would withdraw from world governance organizations including the United Nations, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, and regional trade organizations like NAFTA and CAFTA. American control over American trade policy would be restored. Manufacturing would return to within our shores.
(3) Federal income tax and local property tax would be eliminated. The federal tax revenue would be based on Constitutional indirect taxation including import and excise taxes. (Article I Section 8 and Section 9) Government would be massively shrunk.

(4) A severe limitation would be placed on the presently exercised federal executive power to make any order. Further Executive Orders would be limited to the administration of executive duties. Executive Orders would no longer substitute for Congressional action.

(5) Information would be made available to the public, including the schools, regarding the fact that America was formed as a Republic where individual rights reign and where democratic action (mob rule) is limited.

(6) The nation would be rid of ICLEI, the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. ICLEI contracts with over 600 local communities for the purpose of implementing the U.N.’s Agenda 21 (The globalist Local Action Plan for the 21st century). Arguments are building that such contracts, executed by local elected officials, violate Article 1 Section 10 and that these actions are therefore treasonous. (ICLEI Primer: Your Town and Freedom Threatened)

(7) An honest and Constitutional system of money would be established. (Article 1 section 8.) This necessarily requires the elimination of the Federal Reserve and a new Constitutional system of money.

(8) American foreign policy would not seek global imperialism. Military actions would be required to receive Congressional approval via Declarations of War.

(9) The twentieth century saw a massive increase in the size and scope of the federal executive branch. These bureaucratic expansions have not improved America society. Accordingly, many federal departments and agencies need to be eliminated including: the Department of Education, The Department of Commerce, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Labor and the Department of Interior.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. The Constitution was designed to protect freedom-loving people and rein in the powers of government. Do you have the spirit and the drive to help restore the American promise? If so, together we need to reinvigorate the principles that were designed to protect America from threats like modern globalism.

Michael Shaw is a leading critic of the U.N.’s “Agenda 21”, which is the Action Plan implementing world government for the 21st Century. Shaw leads Freedom Advocates.org which is dedicated to providing news and information on what America stands for and how Agenda 21 is designed to transform America and the human experience.

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Survival Tool: The Flashlight

No doubt that when most preppers sit down and make a list of survival supplies to stock up on – a flashlight is one of the first things thought of.

I have made no secret that I have a serious flashlight fetish. I have flashlights scattered all of my house and in my cars. There is a flashlight in each of my kids rooms – and they all have batteries in them and work. The importance of a flashlight in an emergency cannot be overstated. Power out? So is your ability to see in the dark. If you are reading this blog – I do not have to go into detail why your should have several flashlights around.

If you are not familiar with LED technology in flashlights – let me enlighten you. LED flashlights have come along way in the past few years. Today – they are extremely bright, durable, and the batteries last much longer than common flashlights of the same brightness. The bulbs last nearly forever which is a big plus.

There are some very nice LED flashlights available at your local department store as well as from many of my sponsors.

LED flashlights should be purchased knowing how bright they are. Flashlight brightness is measured in lumen’s. A few years ago a LED flashlight was pretty good to be throwing out 8-10 lumen’s. Today’s high-tech LEDs can easily throw out over 100 lumen’s – and at pretty reasonable prices.

A few of my LED flashlights.

Here are a few choices available on Amazon – and possibly locally:

Rayovac 3 watt 80 Lumens - I own this one.

MAGLITE XL100 LED Flashlight, Black - about $35.00

Nu-Flare Ultrabright LED Aluminum Flashlight - - 210 Lumens!!!!

I am slowly but surely fading out “regular” flashlights and replacing them with LEDs. They are just far superior with the brightness and long battery life. In response to another recent post I did on flashlights – one reader mentioned about the vulnerability of LED lights to EMP. I had never considered this before. So – I did some research and here is what I have found:

  • No one knows for sure. Until the time comes that there is an actual EMP attack – opinions on the effects of a variety of electrical equipment including flashlights – are just that – opinions.
  • Small electronics such as AM/Fm radios and LED flashlights (both LED and regular) are not effected by EMP to a great level to to theirvery short conductors. EMP likes long wires such as power lines to capture the EMP.
  • LED flashlights will be dead after an EMP attack. There are those that state that pretty much any electronics will be toast. So – let’s hope there is no EMP attack.

Alright – enough about flashlights. If you do not have a bunch of them with extra batteries…….get them. Buy them cheap, buy them large, buy them small – but just buy them.

Oh yeah – don’t forget the extra batteries.

Rourke ModernSurvivalOnline

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